Mini Van Hypocrisy

There are many people out there that will never own  a mini van. These people would never even be caught dead in a mini van. This is based upon many matters of personal pride and principles.         However, there are cheaters out there who will, on occasion, rent a mini van. They praise its ease of […]

Additional Gratuity: To Insure Prompt Service

Returning home from a trip to NYC with my husband,  I’ve had a couple of days to contemplate many things. My most favorite thing to do on a vacation is sleep.  It occurred to me, as I sat in my catbird seat high above the city, that I could be having this experience closer to […]

Air Pillow In Soul

On a recent travel expedition, Mermaid and I were browsing the SouthWest Airlines air shopping catalogue. We thought that the most important, desperately needed item was this: Mermaid and I were having quite a chuckle over the inflatable air pillow. I mean, how (insert word here – desperate, foolish, sleep-deprived, drunk, hungover, depressed) do you […]