To Dog or Not to Dog

That is the questionimages-1.jpeg.


You are getting in the shower.  The phone rings, so you run downstairs naked(hoping the landscapers or the UPS man is not at your door) and while you are lunging for the phone, you step in a puddle of chunky, dog vomit.  You are naked AND hopping around your kitchen with a dripping, disgusting foot and trying to hop toward the paper towels (sorry eco moms).  Bleck! 

2.  Another To Dog Day

Like many small children my daughter is a lover of dogs. I had to teach her how to approach them respectfully and carefully at a very early age because of the magnetic draw between she and them. Now, we can’t go any where without stopping to visit, pet and be licked by the endless numbers of canines we come across in a day. And darn it if the majority aren’t totally cute and I can visualize each one lying with their head in her lap while she lounges in the family room. This happens frequently.

So I greatly appreciate when other more clear headed people remind me of the barking nights, early a.m. poops on the floor (and God forbid on your wildly expensive living room rug!) and interrupted days racing back home to let the beloved dog out. Plus there is the whole doggy sitting expense and inconvenience when one is away. I wasn’t planning on a third child so why in heaven’s name would I consider getting a dog?!

I mean other than the fact that all kids deserve the experience of having a dog. Right? Still, we really loved our cat and were totally devastated when he died. Might another cat be enough? They are SO much easier after all. And pretty darn cozy as well.

Help me out here folks. Am I the worlds worst mom if I deprive my kids of ever experiencing Life With Dog? Or am I keeping my already on the edge of overwhelming life a little saner by saying No Dog? To dog or not to dog? STILL that is the question.

3.images-5.jpegA TWO DOG DAY? O-k, and I just heard Blondshell say today that a friend’s new puppy was so cute that it made her want TWO dogs.   Two dog or not Two dog?  She is going off the deep end… 


NOT that I am actually planning to get a dog, but IF I were, do I rescue or not? Not rescuing these days feels a lot like not driving a hybrid or not recycling. I am having such conflicted feelings about whether or not I even want a dog; choosing a breed gives me a slight feeling of comfort around the situation.

Yesterday I went hiking with my friend and two of her dogs. ( Yes, you heard me. She left the THIRD dog at home along with the cat and the two bunnies! ) And her house is beautiful. Clearly some of us are better equipped than others. Does it count that I have one more child than she does? Not that I am comparing myself to someone else. I never do that.

ANYWAY, as I was saying, we hiked with Rosie and Moose. Moose is a 14lb. King James something or other spaniel puppy. He is sweet tempered, smart and adorable. If I could be guaranteed a dog kind of like Moose I would seriously consider making the move.

Another friend of mine rescued a dog who, despite all the obedience classes, chased the neighborhood kids down the street. Not the dog for me. You can’t really know what you are getting until the dog has been with you awhile. By then it’s pretty much too late to change your mind. I’d have to be pretty hard pressed to take in an animal only to give it away.

Now I know the argument can be made that a dogs personality can be lovely or not either way. Still, I like to think that a good breeder can assess the puppies temperaments and help you with a good fit. Plus, often the pups come to you well on their way to being potty trained which would be huge. 

Obviously I am leaning slightly in the TO dog direction. Fortunately dogs are not as easy to come by as lattes and you have to work pretty hard to actually come home with one.    ( If only my kids will give this much thought to their school work life will be good. ) I’ve spent no small amount of time looking at various dog sites on the web but still have come to no decision. It’s a good thing I can’t grab one of those cuties up with Paypal. You can’t, can you?


5.So as not to offend my new friend Moose I would like to correct myself. He is in fact a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Now that’s a mighty mouthful for such a small pup!

6. Found the perfect dog yesterday:


7. Went for a hike with Moose yesterday (among others). My daughter so enjoyed his company and even got to hold his leash! However, when he pooped in the street she laughed and kept on walking. I tried to use that as a teachable dog moment but don’t think she was paying much attention. Makes me wonder about who will be scooping up all the many future poops of our supposed future pup? Uh huh.


8. To Cat or Not To Cat

This does not necessarily preclude Possible Future Dog ( do I sound like a noncommittal man in a relationship? ) but we Might be getting a cat. Or rather a kitten. Our babysitter, our pregnant babysitter, has adopted 2 kittens in order to rescue them from an uncertain future. She also has a dog and a toddler in a small apartment. Evidently they bicker, as some siblings will, and she is realizing that perhaps her hands are just a bit full. Did I mention that she is pregnant? So I suggested that she bring one over for a little meet and greet.

I told my kids and they are no less than rapturous. ( Is that a word? Hmm, don’t care ). I got around to telling my husband about it and, while he was less than thrilled, he did not actually freak out. Yet. At least he is used to cats. Now what do I do if, for some reason, I don’t like this kitten? Any chance my kids won’t want to keep it? Right. Well, nevertheless, I plan to stand tough and look that kitten right straight in the eye and dare it to win me over. And buy some cat food just in case.

9. In Case You Were Wondering

His name is Ziggy. Did you see the face? Seriously, what was I going to do?



  1. Mermaid
    Posted April 28, 2008 at 8:48 pm | Permalink

    Heard today was a to dog day. Blondeshell, what’s the story?

  2. Mermaid
    Posted April 30, 2008 at 10:19 am | Permalink

    Blondeshell, what you are looking for is the impulse buying experience as related to puppies. Darn, the crack down on puppy mills has really ruined spur of the moment pet ownership.

  3. Mermaid
    Posted April 30, 2008 at 10:25 am | Permalink

    Whatever happens, don’t be a pansy-ass pet owner who takes their pet back when they realize they’ve adopted Damion Demon Pet.

    Whilst your satanic puppy shreds your living room drapes, you must pray for serenity and not think dark thoughts: like taking your newest family member to the Humane Society on no fault drop off day.

    No fault drop off day??? Who thought that one up? If you must put your pet in the arms of death, then step up and walk in through the front door.

  4. mermaidk2
    Posted April 30, 2008 at 3:36 pm | Permalink

    you should get a dog, dogs are the best! dogs can be sweet. Cats don’t follow you or take you on walks, they don’t even do tricks for snacks.

  5. Mermaid
    Posted May 4, 2008 at 9:42 pm | Permalink


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