Where are They?

1.    images-12.jpegYou can find us in a community that will bid $900.00 on a hamster at the school auction.    

2.  images.jpegWhere we live, I saw a man pushing his 3 month old baby in a jogging stroller on the community bike path–while smoking a joint.

3.In our fair county, Marshalls was kicked out of the local mall to make room for more upscale shops.

4.We make our margaritas only with the best tequila.  We wouldn’t think of serving Jose Cuervo gold to a fellow Swank County-ite.  It’s against the Mombshell Code.

5.Our children bring shoebox crafts home from school with the $1000.00 price tags still on the side.  To be fair, some boxes have the sale’s sticker on them and are marked down to $600 or $700.

6. This would be considered a normal high school graduation present.

7.This would not.

8.However, this pinto would be an o-k gift for the 12 and under crowd.  It would need a great story about how you flew to Europe to find it, though.

9.  Sorry about #7, that wouldn’t make a good gift for anyone, living here or not.

10.  I was the only mom at the 6 year old’s birthday party who had not been to the Four Seasons Punta Mita for a vacation!


11. In my neighborhood soccer moms drive Hummers with car seats and sippy cups. 

12.  NO! NO! NO!

13YES!  YES!  YES!

14..Where we live, people just don’t understand why a man would marry a woman to get Big 10 season tickets.

15.The film Super Size Me is part of the middle school curriculum.

16.Where we live kids K-8 can be spotted in tot-sized True Religion Jeans.


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  1. jeshikan
    Posted August 26, 2008 at 12:58 am | Permalink

    well actually.. number 7 is better than what i have. i have crapola!

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